Quality Assurance

We deligently follow a Quality Assurance system which ensure strict quality control at every stage right from receipt of raw material to dispatch of finished product.

Our standard room is well equipped with latest inpection and testing facilities as below:

  • CNC Coordinate Measurement Machine(CMM)
  • Linear Height Guage
  • Profile Projector
  • Electrical Conductivity & Resistivity Meter
  • Universal Tenisile Testing Machine
  • XRF Plating Thickness Tester (Non Contact Type)
  • Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Gamma Ray Online Guage Detector and Controller (AGC)
  • Elongation Testing Machine
  • Tool Pre-setter (Zoller)
  • Optical Quick Vision
  • Spectrometer
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • 3 - Axis CMM
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  • Surface Roufness Tester