Forged Parts

At Vishalfab, we take pride in our ability to forge components up to 400 grams, positioning ourselves among the select few suppliers with a versatile multi-technology setup. Our forging capabilities are supported by robust machinery, including a range of 100-ton to 630-ton machines, ensuring that we can meet a spectrum of forging requirements with precision and efficiency.

To further enhance our comprehensive services, Vishalfab maintains quality machining cells that complement our forging operations. This integrated approach allows us to deliver parts quickly and efficiently, ensuring that our customers receive not only forged components of the highest quality but also a seamless and streamlined manufacturing experience. Trust Vishalfab for forging excellence and a commitment to meeting your unique specifications.

  • Capacity: Up to 400 Grams.
  • Material: ETP Copper.
  • Sizes: As per customers specification.