Bus Bar

At the core of our manufacturing Process, Vishalfab boasts cutting-edge EHRT CNC Busbar Bending & Punching machines capable of processing over 100 tons of copper each month. Paired with state-of-the-art bending machines, this formidable combination empowers Vishalfab to fabricate intricate shapes, including edge bending and twist bending. This unparalleled capacity allows our customers the freedom to explore diverse design possibilities.

Collaboration is key at Vishalfab, and our involvement begins at the design stage. By working closely with our customers, we offer valuable insights that not only enhance the design process but also contribute to space and material optimization. The trust we've cultivated with our clients reflects our commitment to assisting them in achieving the most efficient and innovative designs.

Beyond our impressive bending capabilities, Vishalfab India takes pride in its proficiency in welding and brazing techniques. This added expertise widens the spectrum of choices available to our customers, ensuring that Vishalfab remains a versatile and reliable partner in the realization of their unique projects. Count on Vishalfab for cutting-edge technology, collaborative design support, and a commitment to delivering solutions that surpass expectations.